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Nov 24 2021

Team Aniradichita performs at “Fun Street” organized by Legal Saviour and DLSA

Team Aniradichita performs at “Fun Street” on 14th November 2021, on the street near Kamatibaug. The event was organized by…

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Nov 23 2020

Is Theatre Dying?

Theatre was once what film is today. In actuality, it was likely much more. It was, other than being a vehicle of amusement, a device for feeling building, social changes and for uniting individuals. For very long, theatre, however a male-overwhelmed stage by then of time, was a more presumed medium than film. Strangely, when Dadasaheb Phalke needed to film his fantasy venture he was unable to locate any female entertainers to act in it.

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Afifa naziraly
Nov 20 2020

History of Street Plays in India

“Street play” – the word itself gives us feeling of enthusiasm, engagement of audience, creativity, drama and the reflection of local culture in performance. So how did the concept of street came into existence? How has it evolved? How is it performed now?

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Yukta Bhavsar