Dark secrets of the social media revealed: The Social Dilemma

Source: Google Ever wondered why every morning before getting up from bed, you have your phone in your hand? You scroll through your feed for countless hours, why? What it has that made you so addicted? Whenever your phone vibrates there is an urge to check your phone instantly, why? If you're planning to make … Continue reading Dark secrets of the social media revealed: The Social Dilemma

Types of Documentaries

Documentaries are non-fiction films which depict reality or shows real-life events, people and places. Documentaries can be made for various purposes such as for educational purpose, entertainment, to reveal a truth or a mystery.

What is a Documentary Film?

Rightly said by Alfred Hitchcock, Documentaries are non-fiction films that depicts reality for many purposes which can be educational, for giving Instructions or even to maintain a historical record. Documentaries come in handy for many work institutions to teach reality-based principles as they are much informative. Earlier documentaries were called as Actuality Films, which uses footages of real-life events, objects and places. Documentaries have evolved through years and has been loved by many viewers other than educators and scholars.

Celebrating World Environment Day with documentaries on YouTube

Celebrating World Environment Day with YouTube

Day 2: Celebrating Environment Week with Disney+ Hotstar Documentaries

I'm sure most of us here celebrates Environment Day. But, I've a question for you. When we talk about "Save Environment" what is your idea of the environment? And, what is your knowledge of environment and environmental crisis? I think, it is limited unless you love watching content based on environment and environmental crisis or … Continue reading Day 2: Celebrating Environment Week with Disney+ Hotstar Documentaries

Day 1: Celebrating Environment Week with Netflix Documentaries

Celebrating World Environment Day with Netflix.

Cancer Katha

By Rajrita Chattopadhyay The documentary is based on a breast cancer survivor, who also documented her own story that is Vasudha Joshi, who was a TV journalist. The film opens with a folklore singer, who is Vasudha’s visitor, saying that he heard in a train he was boarded on from Shantiniketan that “Vasudha died”, knowing … Continue reading Cancer Katha

In the Mood of Love

If being gay is a choice, then when did you decide to become straight? The film aims to show that love is based on emotion and has nothing to do with ‘gender’. It revolves around the LGBTQ community and the people belonging from this community, living in India. For the longest time, Homosexuality was considered … Continue reading In the Mood of Love