Bird box is an American film about a post apocalyptic situation where survival is difficult.

The film is based on a novel of the same name by Josh Malerman. Malorie, a pregnant lady comes across the news of millions of people all across Europe and Russia committing suicide but Malorie takes the issue lightly. She goes to the hospital with her sister Jessica and while returning she sees the same thing happening in her city as well. Everybody starts committing suicide and no one knows the reason. Malorie’s sister Jessica also does the same as others. Somehow a lady comes to save Malorie to take her to their home but she also commits suicide. Then a man comes and takes her to that house. There were several other people who took refuge in the same house. Once, a woman knocks the door who’s name was Olympia, Malorie and others let her in and found that even she was pregnant. Nobody knew what the problem was, what they knew was that if you see them you will commit suicide. All the windows of the house were covered with newspaper or clothes so that they don’t see it. Malorie with some others went to a supermarket to get groceries and while they were there, someone from outside cries for help but his intentions were to kill them so Charlie sacrifices his life to save others. One day a man knocked the door and everybody agreed to let him in after hearing his side of the story according to which there are some psychos roaming in the city who don’t fear those unseen creatures but force others to see them. Malorie and Olympia both of them simultaneously go into labour and during that time Gary showed his true colours and started taking curtains and sheets from the windows revealing that he himself is a Psycho. He kills everybody except Malorie, the 2 newborn babies and Tom as he was killed by Tom.

Malorie gives birth to a boy and named him Boy. Olympia gave birth to a girl and Malorie named ber Girl. All the four start living in the forest near a river and after 5 years when all the 4 went to a house to get whatever useful they can, they hear a group of those psychos coming and to save Malorie and the children, Tom removes his blindfold to kill those people and lastly he himself committed suicide as he sees those invisible creatures. Before that Tom told Malorie that if he is dead she should take the children to the river in a boat and reach “Rick” with whom they had a word regarding the same place which require a 2 days journey by the river. Malorie does the same, she orders the children to not open their blindfolds in any condition no matter what otherwise they will also die. After a harsh journey through the river, the rapids were near, where the flow was fast and harsh. Malorie had to take the decision to let one of those children look so that she can row the boat in the right direction. But she decides that nobody will look and continue blindfolded. But due to the harsh flow, the boat turns upside down and all 3 of them are separated but Malorie finds both the children and takes the way through the forest and followed the sound of birds chirping as told by Rick and they safely reach there. That place is a blind school and the owner made it like a refuge for survivors.

The film starts with Malorie telling the children to not open their blindfolds in any situation. This scene itself brings suspense about why can they not open their blindfolds? What is the problem? The story goes to flashback 5 years ago. This keeps happening in the rest of the film, they show past and present as all the answers are hidden in the past. This way of telling a story draws the attention of the audience and keeps them engaged for the rest of the film to get their answers.

Although there is no ghost as in other horror film but that invisible creature was enough to create thrill and terror. There was no face, no feelings but just noise, those invisible entities knew everything about that person who it has been chasing, it would call their names, it would use the voices of other people to make them look at it. This concept in itself is very interesting where your most important sense of seeing becomes your enemy and the reason for your death. What is more interesting is the fact that those mental/Psychos were not affected by it, they got pleasure in forcing people to see those entities and commit suicide. Their iris was different from others which became their immunity.

The story consists of nail-biting thrill and suspense throughout its duration. Every minute of the film makes you ask the question of what will happen next, will they survive or die. Sandra Bullock has given an excellent performance in the film. Her character is powerful, fearless, emotional and positive. The boy played by Julian Edward and Girl played Vivien Lyra Blair, have also given strong performances although they had very few lines but they portrayed right emotions.

All the other supporting cast have also done a good job. If you like watching horror or thriller, then this is a must-watch film as the concept is rare and its treatment by the director Sussanne Bier and screenplay written by Eric Heisserer is the reason for the success of this film on the streaming platform Netflix.

By-Preeti Dalal


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