The Dance form Bidesia is very renowned among the locals in the state, Bihar. It is considered the most popular folk dance of Bihar. This dance is popularly known for its unique theme, which talks about social issues, contradictory topics and conflict between the traditional and the modern life style. The dance form Bidesia is one of the traditional dances of the state, which was originated in a twentieth century folk theater.

Now if we come back to the history of Bidesia dance when it was initially started, the dance form (play) was created by Bhikari Thakur, who was a barber by profession. Bhikari Thakur was a very famous playwright and artist of his time and was referred as the ‘Shakespeare of Bhojpuri’. The dance drama was presented with a sense of satire and light-hearted comments to showcase the social issues and the difference created in the Bhojpuri society due to modernization in the life style of people.

The themes of Bidesia dance drama is known for it’s uniqueness. It is presented in a very sarcastic and entertaining manner, which is very popular among the locals. Use of different musical instruments can also being observed in the same. On the other hand it also talks about the delicate and emotional matters. The songs in the dance drama told us about the struggles of the women who were left behind in the village, while their husbands were out in the town for livelihood. Sometimes even the in-laws were criticized in these songs, as they made lives of those women miserable.

Bidesia is very close to the hearts of the local people. The local public enjoy these dance drama thoroughly as they use such vibrant dances and the lyrics of the songs are so relateable. The stories that these dance drama presents is very heart touching and overwhelming as it gives a clear picture of olden days and how women were treated. Earlier, Bidesia was mainly known for it’s stories that talked about the social concerned topics like the cause of poor laborers and tried to create awareness about the poor status of women in the Bhojpuri society. The dance drama also showed the castes ism and communal ism in the society. These dance drama or the plays are the true reflection of the Bhojpuri culture.

One of the very interesting fact about Bidesia dance is, the female roles are enacted by the male actor/dancers. And when it comes to the costumes, the male actors tend to use artificial long hairs in order to get an appearance of a female. In recent times many new means of communication and entertainment have emerged, but still Bedisea remains the most popular and entertaining among the Bhojpuris.

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