Movie producer Kaushik Ganguly consistently has a talent of describing accounts of the normal man; of the individuals who you would meet every day except wouldn’t think about their battles or the difficulties that they have experienced, tucked conveniently behind a prepared smile.

Khaad is a 2014 Indian Bengali movie coordinated by Kaushik Ganguly. It’s about an account of a gathering of individuals attempting to make-out alive of a circumstance that tests their resilience, tolerance and strength. It is a film which talks about self realization and accepting life the way it is.

At its start, the film appears of being founded on an excursion. A straightforward story of a gathering of explorers who are left abandoned in an abandoned woodland when their bus falls into the cliff(Khaad in Bengali) takes an unforeseen turn later. The 16 explorers are obscure to one another yet surprisingly fast they turned into every others’ comrades, keeping aside the physical and strict differences that exist between them.

Every individual has a fascinating past, each searching for an answer, an answer on that venture, that every one of them find after the mishap. An on-screen character is liable of disregarding her sibling with special needs, a mother wants her daughtervto satisfy her own youth dream which till date stays unfulfilled, a young lady needs her parents to acknowledge the man she cherishes, a son needs to satisfy his withering mother’s last wish. Each have a strategic complete as they set out on the excursion and end up admitting to wrongdoings throughout their life prior on a night which they are compelled to impart to one another.

‘Khaad’ praises mankind in its actual sense. When we are so up to speed carrying on with an existence of demands and deadlines, ‘Khaad’ causes you to long to kick back and hindsight and acknowledge the issues. Since to go ahead, it is essential to acknowledge the past-whatever it has been.

In its two hour run time, the film keeps you connected for the most part. There are however, a couple of scenes which appear to be somewhat pointless. Additionally, there are some entirely obvious defects in the production quality. In any case, the film in sum is grasping to the point that these blemishes can without much of a stretch be neglected. A perfect, basic account without an excessive number of subplots helps in making the film a blustery undertaking.

While numerous movies have prior commended the soul of mankind, ‘Khaad’ gives it another viewpoint. It might leave you upset, it might bring a smile at its decision, however it will clearly make you consider your own life.

To summarise the film on a personal note, this is perhaps the best film I have watched till date! The end was mind blowing and particularly trustworthy simultaneously, when you understand what the director has taken you through. It was toward the end, as though you are conversing with your inner self at the hour of death when just truth and only reality remains! It has to be one of the most stunning endings in Bengali films in years. Don’t miss it.

By Rajrita Chattopadhyay

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