Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, written by Tapan Sinha and starring Rajesh Khanna and Jaya Bachchan with Arsani, H.K Hangal, Durga Khote in supporting roles, Bawarchi is a family Drama Comedy film.

Raghu’s entry

The film is about a middle-class Sharma family where everyone hates each other for no reason at all. Not a single servant could stay for more than a month in a house, ironically named Shanti Niwas. Shivnath Sharma (Dadaji) who is apparently the head of the house has no control over it. Ramnath Ji (eldest son) and Kashinath who is younger than Ramnath are always seen indulging in small arguments every now and then and even their wives Seeta and Shobha don’t like each other. Babbu the youngest son of Shivnath Sharma, is concerned only about his music and Meeta (daughter of kashinath), is an arrogant spoiled girl but is also a good classical dancer. Pintu (Kashinath’s son), who has a small role and Krishna (granddaughter of Shivnath) are the only sane people in the house.

This world of Shanti Niwas turns upside down when a Bawarchi(cook) leaves his job. Everyone’s schedule is shattered, everyone keeps arguing with each other and negativity prevails in the house, until one day when Raghu comes as an angel in the house to be a Bawarchi. Raghu who knows all the housework also has knowledge about music and dance. He wins the hearts of Sharma family through his work and words. One by one he solved all the problems in the lives of every family member and taught them to give importance to small moments of happiness in life and enjoy the life together and finally leaves the house by saying that he needs to go to some another house where people have forgotten to love each other.

1)Brothers arguing with each other
2)Brothers arguing for each other

This is a true Hrishikesh Mukherjee style film which is clean, simple, relatable and yet humorous and funny. As an audience, smile was constantly existing on my face throughout the film. Since 80% of the film is shot in Shanti Niwas the job of director gets tough, as audience’s attention needs to be drawn towards the film throughout and after a point, it could look monotonous which it didn’t for which the director needs to be appreciated.

Krishna in sorrow

The whole film is simply about a family where everyone spends their days without actually living them and Raghu is that knot which brings everyone together and reminds them to love each other and search for happiness even in small things; like having a simple cup of tea together with the whole family and not just sitting alone in their own rooms by saying Kisi badi khushi ke intezaar mein … hum yeh chote chote khushiyon ke mauke kho dete hain. Raghu coverts the house “Shanti Niwas” into a home.


Bawarchi is surely about the person playing Bawarchi i.e., Raghu but more importantly, it’s also about all the members of Sharma family. Not just Rajesh Khanna but every actor played their roles with utmost sincerity which was reflected on screen. Each character’s characterisation was deeply detailed, for instance, Ramnath’s habit of drinking alcohol every night. Rajesh Khanna’s presence brought a different kind of fresh energy on screen, his smile would make you smile and his happiness would make you happy. His fluency of delivering dialogues like “Log zindagi ka sabse chota, sabse keemti labz bhool gaye hain … pyar,
It is so simple to be happy … but it is so difficult to be simple, Jisme insaan ki bhalai ho woh kaam kabhi bura nahin hota” brought out their true meaning and represented life in true sense.

Some expressions

Rajesh Khanna as Raghu was not even introduced for more than 30mins into the film as that time was utilized to set the base and the mood of the film and for the familiarization of all the characters with the audience.
This film entertains, educate and makes you laugh all at the same time.

And his weapons of love

By-Preeti Dalal

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