Directed by Shree Nayaran Singh and written by Vipul K Rawal and Siddhart-Garima, “Batti Gul Meter Chalu” is a film about 3 childhood best friends around love and an electricity scam.

Sushil Kumar Pant (Shahid Kapoor), Lalita Nautiyal as Nauti(Shraddha) and Sundar Mohan Tripathi(Divyenndu) are childhood best friends in Tehri, Uttarakhand.

SK Pant is a lawyer by profession but his income comes from out of the court settlements, Nauti is a fashion designer and Sundar has a small scale printing press. Both SK and Sundar are in love with Nauti so she decides to give both of them a chance by dating them for 1 week each. After which SK saw Nauti and Sundar together sharing a moment so he gets jealous and starts maintaining distance from them. Sundar receives an electricity bill of Rs 500000 which according to him is more than the consumption. To fight against this, Nauti and Sundar approach SK but in return, SK humiliates them and denies to help them. After being hopeless Sundar commits suicide and SK realises his mistake and takes the case to the court against SPTL; the electricity supply company. On the last day of the hearing when SK is almost close to winning, Sundar visited him and reveals that he didn’t die but was hiding so that his insurance can be given to his family. SK brings Sundar in front of the court as a shock to everyone. With his arguments, he proved Sundar innocent and SPTL is the actual culprit in front of the court.

In this film, you will see amazing cinematography and direction taking full advantage of the beauty of Uttarakhand.

The dialogues are also powerful and impactful with the combination of the local dialect. All the leading actors have given good performances and have nicely portrayed their respective roles. The usage of the local dialect by these actors have made the film look more realistic.

The writing of the film is fairly good with some lose points. The character sketch of Nauti is a bit blurry, it could have been better. The love triangle could have been more clearly sketched.

Comedy occurs throughout the film. Even the courtroom scenes are highly humorous. Shahid Kapoor has nailed the courtroom scenes as he switched from an intense mood to a humorous with ease.

The music of the film is also its strength. There are all kinds of songs in the film from happy energetic songs like “Gold Tamba” to sad and emotional songs like “Dekhte Dekhte”.

I personally liked the film a lot as it has a good blend of humour and emotions. Even after being a good entertainer, this film is very underrated.

By- Preeti Dalal


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