“बैठक” witnessed a warm celebration of Pre Diwali festivities with a cozy ambience and the audience who enjoyed the Sunday evening.

This Baithak, started off with the conversational delights and discussed various ideas and imagination that an artist would have. The participants loved discussing various imaginative ideas and they were fun to hear! The guests exchanged ideas about their imaginative worlds that they would like to explore. They also described the world and their characters. Some of the guests also quoted certain beautiful crazy imaginations that they’ve had and pondered upon.

The Activity session


In the next segment, Aniket Pandya -Founder Aniradichita gave a fun activity to all the participants and divided them into groups based on random selection. The groups then demonstrated their imagination. They enacted a mini performance in the preparation time of 15 minutes. The groups were given a set of rules for the performance. They had to enact an imaginative drama which had two alien characters and two non human characters. It was a tough task and the participants were really excited to perform it. All the groups were given scores by the audience on a scale of 10.

Highest rated Team – (From left to right) Dipti, Krishna, Parshva, Tanvi.

The group that received the highest cumulative scores from the audience were Parshva Shah, Krishna Singh Rajput, Tanvi More and Dipti.
These guys performed excellent presentation involving the elements of Fan, Kaju katri (indian sweet), ant and Chakri (Indian fryum)
It was an magnetic performance as it hooked the audience on to their seats. The personification done by this team stood out.


The Performance

Team 2.0

The Team 2.0 performed a short skit on the theme of Diwali which received applause and appreciation from the participants. The skit talked about the typical situation that a family would face during the festive season of Diwali, when guests start pouring at the home. It was a short skit which was performed by Bhargav Parmar, Dharmil Parekh and Parshva Shah. The team also introduced all the other working team members of the young team 2.0 to the fellow participants.

The Conclusion

At the end arrived the final session. The part that invokes the musical mania of the event. The team had a beautiful interaction of team Aniradichita’s music artists and the participants. The guests and the team together had a fun filling Sunday. A break from the monotonous weekday routine. Team Aniradichita surely promises more such evenings to all the art and theatre enthusiasts.


If you were a part of this Sunday’s Baithak, we would love to listen to your experiences as well. Let us know how did you find it!

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