Randeep moves to Delhi to his aunt’s house(Bua Ji) from his village. By reaching he finds out that their lane is popularly called as Badnaam Gali and it is even written on the signboard. As he reaches there he finds out that all the ladies of the neighbourhood are standing in their respective balconies and passing comments for Nayan (a single pregnant lady). His aunt Dolly warned him against Nayan by regarding her as a characterless gold digger Bengali woman from whom he should always maintain distance. Randeep starts working as a car mechanic in a garage and finds out that Nayan is friends with the owner and often brings him lunch. Randeep always ignores Nayan as warned by his aunt; even if Nayan comes to talk to him. Even he started thinking the same about Nayan. They came across each other a lot and had a very little conversation. Slowly they became friends and Nayan revealed her secret to Randeep, that she is a surrogate mother and also runs a business of making designer clothes.

This was almost like an eye-opening moment for Randeep and he decided to support her in this. By seeing their close friendship Randeep’s aunt throws him out of the house. Then he starts living in Nayan’s house as he didn’t have any option. Randeep’s aunt called his father from the village to teach him a lesson and bring him back on the straight path. But this didn’t work. Even his father was also convinced later that Randeep is doing is right and joins their team. A small complication in the pregnancy came because of which the baby’s father decided to not accept it. But Nayan decided to keep the baby with her. A lot of things happen before she delivers the baby. Randeep also told the whole society about their mistake and revealed Nayan’s truth to everyone. In the end, Randeep and Nayan decided to marry each other. The whole neighbourhood was happy with this and was sorry for their mistakes…

This web film targets the social issue in India about defaming surrogacy. It breaks all the stereotypes about this by giving it a humorous angle.

Surrogacy in India is looked down upon even when India claims to be an open-minded nation. This film also tries to prove the saying “Women are Women’s worst enemy” to some extent by showing that all the ladies of Nayan’s neighbourhood were always interested in talking dirty about her and raising objections on her character instead of actually helping her during the tough times of pregnancy. Those women never actually asked her about the real truth but always made fun of her when their personal lives also were not sorted.

Director Ashwini Shetty’s take on surrogacy and society is well executed in the film as she has provided it with a humorous angle. The message was properly knitted in the story and by this, the director showed how we can actually deliver the right message even though a comedy and making the audience laugh. It is just the content what matters at the end. There was a suspense maintained in the starting of the film about Nayan’s truth which resulted in greater attention and engagement in the film.

Devyenndu Sharma as Randeep proved his talent again in this film. He very well picked up Randeep’s accent and body language and delivered a strong performance. His comic timings were on point and his character surely wins your heart and brings a big smile on your face.

Patralekha as Nayan also did full justice to her role. Her body language as a pregnant lady was was convincing and her smile brought happiness on screen.

It is a nice soft comedy film which is entertaining as well as educating at the same time. I personally had a very good time watching the film and therefore will recommend it to you as well.

By- Preeti Dalal

Trailer- https://youtu.be/AmiHha1jDSw

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