A glimpse of their journey to Safalta 0 km: Veeral-Laavan

The movie 'Safalta 0 km' is all set to release on 14th Feb 2020 and the music is doing round all across. In an interview with team 'Aniradichita', the music director duo shares how they landed doing this interesting film and how was their journey in the movie starring Dharmesh Yelande (Popularly known as Dharmesh … Continue reading A glimpse of their journey to Safalta 0 km: Veeral-Laavan

Veeral-Laavan: The melody masters who made the music it’s heartbeat for Safalta 0 Km

With Safalta 0 Km releasing on the 14th February, 2020, Gujrati Cinema’s First Dance movie, we got in touch with the Music director and Composer of the film who have done an impeccable job in making the outstanding songs that have created an exciting vibe for the film. Here is what the Music composer- director … Continue reading Veeral-Laavan: The melody masters who made the music it’s heartbeat for Safalta 0 Km

The Premise Of A New World

World of souls. This world laid amidst the vastness of the sky, hidden from the human eye where a soul goes when it wants to become mortal and start living. It’s called Mortalise, whether it was built by the almighty God or angles, no one knew, but one thing was very clear to every soul … Continue reading The Premise Of A New World

Girlie Sacrifice…

I often meet people of different ages, culture, background and taste. During a recent Theatre Workshop, I came across some creative upcoming artists with different set of skills in them. One of them is Janki. With a total different perspective, she sees the world with her own vision. She not only has the guts to … Continue reading Girlie Sacrifice…

A Dream Marriage!!!

Expression is not easy! A feeling that is born in a person's heart can not be necessarily translate to words. But that is not the case here. There are gems with a beautiful gift of ornamenting their feelings with jewels to make it aesthetic and beautiful. I have one such gem in my life and … Continue reading A Dream Marriage!!!

The Made Choice

Can a mansion be built on a house? The made choice - time to choose!

The Hidden Feelings

About a girl with hidden feelings...

The Smiling Bliss

The essence of a smile is not in its reason.

The First Feel

An angel came to me and asked, ‘Can I sit here, beside you?’ I agreed seeing her modest smile and felt her heart so pure and true.   I gaped her eyes for a little time; I got lost in It’s deep dark sea. I talked to her: her melody was some music that was … Continue reading The First Feel

The Bitter Truth

Truth is bitter but is everything that's bitter the truth?

The Right Job?

A short story that leaves you with a question you must have faced at least once...

Everything for Love

Its not only about giving everything to make them stay!

The Sailing Ship

A poem of life


Living The Equations

Complex equations simplified...

The Path Matters

Its not just the destiny but the path too that defines you...