Written by Satyajit Ray and directed by Sujoy Ghosh, Anukul is 21min 54secs long short film trying to predict the possibility of our future. Nikunj Chaturvedi goes to a salesman of a robot supply corp to buy an android. The android turns out to be a Robot which looks exactly like a human. The robot can do everything that a human can do and in a much better way. It can work for 24 hours every day. Nikunj’s cousin Ratan visits him and as they sit for drinks Nikunj introduces the robot named Anukul to him. He gets angry as he is fired from his job only because a robot has been hired in his place so he hits the robot Anukul with an iron shutting him down. The robot is repaired again and the salesman says that if any other of these events happen then the robot has all the power to take him or the attacker to court and the legal action will be taken against them. After some days Ratan once again visits Nikunj giving him a piece of good news that he has now officially become the heir of all the property of one of their relatives who died and nothing from that property will be given to Nikunj. And on the other side, Nikunj also gets fired from his job as a teacher as a robot has been hired in his place. Again when Ratan tries harming the robot, the robot reverts back by giving him high voltage electric shock resulting in his death. The doctors declare that a massive heart attack was a reason for his death. All the property is transferred to Nikunj as he is the only living person in the whole family and therefore the property of 11 crores belongs to him now. Robots have been a heated topic of discussion in the world since the past decade.

According to the film, the primary reason for making robots is to perform tasks for human but it could also have a wide range of negative impact. Industrialisation in every part of the world has resulted in mass unemployment of people. India has also faced the same problems with the coming of capital intensive industries where the value of human labour was reduced.

The film raises an important question about the necessity or the need for Robots. Robots which are made to help human beings can also harm human beings and at the end justify themselves as machines which can go wrong sometimes. At one point of time in the film, the robot Anukul compares itself to god by stating that he is also immortal just like god. This is possibly the biggest fears of making Robots. The film also gives an important message by saying that robots which are made by humans can become better than humans.

By- Preeti Dalal

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