The Gujarat High Court has announced guidelines on celebrating the festival of Makar Sankranti by following social distancing. Aniradichita-Theatre and Films shot a skit on this theme for VNM TV – the first local News Channel of Vadodara city.
The skit was conceptualized and scripted by Team Aniradichita, and it plots around the theme of the festival along with the pandemic impact. How does a common man feel today being in a jargon of rules and regulations and celebrating the festival was shown via the characters of the play.

Team Aniraidichita and VNM clicking post the shoot

The skit revolves around a daily scene at a tea stall where people share their various experiences during the lock-down and night curfew. The discussion turns into debate. Meanwhile a journalist is looking for some TRP sees a live debate going on at the tea stall and takes a chance to interview them . The reporter interviews humans at the tea stall, Pakshiraj (King of Birds) and Pavan Dev (God of the Wind) and asks them their views on the restrictions imposed by govt on the festival. The message was to give a positive perspective to the community, that despite living in a jargon of rules we can be happy and celebrate the festival with loads of happiness around us, because being safe is the best gift we can give each other on the occasion of the festival.

The play was performed exclusively for VNM TV, with the support of Shri Nafis Khan and Ms. Gayatri Vyas. The play was received very well by the audience and it marked to be a hit amongst the masses who appreciated the satire of the play with a strong message of positivity.
The play is a must watch and an out an out entertainer with some good humor moments as well.
It is noteworthy that the skit lay was conceptualised, designed and performed in a short span of 3 days. The actors of the skit were Bhargav Parmar, Anjali Odedra, Namita Pandya, Nirmalsinh Rana, Parshav Shah and Apoorv Thakkar. The production team included Vansh Rajput and Rajesh Tolani.

Team Aniradichita after performance

It was produced by Aniradichita-Theatre and Films, and directed by Shri Aniket Pandya-Founder of Aniradichita-Theatre and Films.
As said by the director himself “It was a challenge that we had to accept to design and deliver in a span of 3 days but with shear willingness and utmost dedication, the team has lived upto the expectations”

Go and watch it now !!!!

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