A perfect amalgamation of talent and multi-faceted skills, he has proved now and again that one can excel in multiple streams. Mr. Aditya Om dons the hats of a writer, actor, director, producer and lyricist with utmost panache. Along with being a Telugu movie star, he has been a part of theatre and serials.

His career graph displays his prowess and sheer perseverance. He started his career as a director of a silent film, ‘Mr Lonely Miss Lovely’ in 2004 with Nandana Sen. This movie is second in India after ‘Pushpak’ to be made without dialogues.He has done over 25 Telugu films like ‘Lahiri lahiri lahirilo’ as the main lead, ‘Ottu e ammai evaro teliyedu’, ‘Mee intkiosthe Eim Istaaru’,and ‘Dhanalakshmi I Love You’,which are all hits,directed critically acclaimed feature films like, ‘Bandook’ with an IMB score of 6+ and more than 10 million views on YouTube fan channels, and ‘Maya Mobile’which was widely admired, and has written Oscar-worthy scripts. His journey is a testimony of a person with a spectrum of talents.

He has effortlessly played the part of an associate producer for feature films like, ‘Shudra’ and ‘Dozakh, in search of heaven’.

His shelf of achievements includes an English feature film., ‘The Dead End’, written and directed by him, which has won various international awards.

He gave a stellar performance in his last hindi release, ‘Alif’. Indian films like, ‘Masaab’ display his immaculate writing and direction skills.‘Masaab’ was made on the topic of primary education, presenting a unique perspective and awareness to the audience about the need of primary education. It has been recognised and felicitated at more than 20 film festivals and won more than 40 awards. Mr. Aditya Om is one ofthose few artists who has not shied away from experimenting and exploring different avenues in their fields. With horror film, ‘Friend Request’, he ventured into a new genre with ease. While filming the said film he also voiced his opinion about the growing monopolies in cinema and openly fought against it. This goes on to show his love for his craft and the extent to which he is willing to go in order to protect it.

Mr. Aditya Om firmly believes in giving back to the society. He supports and works for the human rights association, with the intention of making a difference to the society. He recently made a film called, ‘Excreta(Maila)’. The subject of the film was is based on the prohibited practise of manual cleaning. He has also made an acclaimed short film, ’For My Mother’, based on water conversation. For a celebrity to shout out on such a sensitive issue, requires grit. Mr.Aditya Om says that the government’s efforts are doing little to bring change and its time as citizens of the country we speak and the government.

Apart from acting and directing, his charity work speaks volumes about his character. He has adopted a village called Cherupally in Telangana. For the past three years he is working relentlessly for the development of the village. This year he has set up various skill development and service activities, training the youth of the village. The youth of a nation can do wonders if enabled with resources that help them move forward. With this thought, he is urging and teaching the tribal youth to start online services for the village’s betterment. This led to the inauguration of T.SEVA centre at the Koyanarsapura village of Bhadrachalam division. Next step is opening two more centres in Cherupally and Kothapally villages. Recently, he distributed cricket kits and gave school benches to Cherupally government scheme.

Mr. Aditya Om is actively working for educational institutes with his organisation,’ Edulightment’. His philanthropic work is changing lives. He has given laptops, opened a library and digital service centres, provided solar energy to villages and is working for the betterment of Mumbai Auto drivers.

He is the face and brand ambassador of Vibrant of Kalam, an organisation dedicated to spreading ideas of APJ Abdul Kalam. With this is also a representative of Shaheed board, an institution committed to keep the memories of freedom fighters alive.

Currently, he will be seen as an actor in,’Damini Villa’ and ‘Young Stars’ in the Telugu industry and is also working on an environmental multilingual feature film, ‘Bandi’His next release is ‘Shudra 2’, an action movie where he will be seen in a new look. Apart from them he will also been seen in two Telugu movies, ‘Chetilo Cheyivesi Cheppu Bava’, a horror movie and ‘Vikram’, where is will be seen playing a villainous character.