Directed by Yash Verma Adheen is a RoyalStag Barrel Large short Film showing the bitter truth of today’s society.

Sanjay Mishra plays the role of a helpless father who with the help of his friend manage to call his son and daughter to visit him. His friend called both the siblings by saying that their father was unwell, so they came and when saw that it was an act to call them back home, they started arguing with him and with each other. Their mother was ill and was totally dependent on someone’s support for living. The father gave both of them a choice to decide who would want to keep their mother with them. Knowing that both of them would hesitate to make a decision, he poisoned his wife leaving an antidote in front of the son and daughter if they want to save their mother…

Large short films like these act as a mirror in front of the society. The fundamental unit of every society is a family. Today India’s foundation is shaken badly, families are broken, old parents are left alone in a time they need their kids the most.

The versatile actor Sanjay Mishra perfectly portrayed a helpless frustrated father and a husband. His facial emotions depicted the time he was going through.

All of us have surely at least once in our lives hurt our parents with our words. This short film will bring all those moments in front of you making you realise your mistake.

This shows how materialistic has human being become. Everybody today is like a participant of a race whose award will be money and the price you pay will be happiness.

By: Preeti Dalal

The short film is available on YouTube-

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