The movie ‘Safalta 0 km’ is all set to release on 14th Feb 2020 and the music is doing round all across. In an interview with team ‘Aniradichita’, the music director duo shares how they landed doing this interesting film and how was their journey in the movie starring Dharmesh Yelande (Popularly known as Dharmesh sir) and Nikunj Modi.

Veeral-Laavan on their journey with Safalta km

How did you land up being a part of Safalta 0 Km?

Through a good friend of ours Gautam Patel we were to meet Akshay Yagnik, the director of the film. Akshay had already heard our music before and when we met, he told us the gist of the movie in a line and he said that I want to complete the story. We immediately liked the concept of the movie and to our surprise three songs were already written by Akshay before the completion of the story. Eventually we started working a team, as a family and started pitching the movie to producers backed by strong music, as rarely there is a case where the songs are ready with the script.

Can you share something about your journey of making Safalta 0 Km?

This journey was started by Veeral, Nikunj, Akshay and I, where it took a year of pitching the film to various producers. A lot of them liked the film but for some reason things could not materialized. It is after a year when we met Mr. Pinal Patel who genuinely seemed interested in taking up this project and were convinced by the script. Our strength has always been our presentation, on the basis of which we were able to work things out so efficiently.

Since this is a dance movie, there are a few instances where the dance choreography has been shot and then the music is decided upon, how did you manage this process?

Yes, there have been such instances but it’s the small chunks of the choreography that has been shot. Apart from this the dance is set on beats. These are up beats that can be set in any choreography. For Safalta 0 km, both the dance and music teams have worked closely where last minute choreography is also done based on the final edit of the song. Having songs like Thappo, Safalta title track and Karo Jasla being composed beforehand has also made the process easy for us.

The movie is releasing this Valentine’s day and the music by Veeral-Laavan has already got a lot of love and support. Do you know about the inside stories of the songs composed in the movie? Stay tuned for the songs and their journeys too.

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