images (13)“From the caves of pleasure and comfort zone,

I darted my flow ,,to the World unknown..

I flowed  through the gardens and valleys of flowers,

And  felt the drops of heavenly showers…

At the Lands so smooth even and Shallow ,

I got stagnant and lost My wallow..

But then,

I decided to fall through the mountains rough..

And continued my journey to the path, easy or tough.

I gathered useless stones, dust and pebbles..

That Slowed down my flow and lowed my treble..

I raised the winds through the swirls of my flow,

And the waste itself got deposited on the distant shore..

I passed through the clouds of smoke and bluff,

I stroke the rocks so hard and tough..

But then, Continued my journey to the path, Easy or tough..

I flowed under the sky So calm and clear ,

And then in the silence my voice I hear..

The voice that whispered,

Never to Stop, and continue My flow..

Cos there awaits the vast ocean to Go..

The pond and pools will seem so small..

So force your waters to flow and flow..

Now that I have flown so Far..

I appreciate my journey sometimes smooth, sometimes hard..

It gave me the soils so Rich and soft..,

Where life can furnish and flowers can grow..”

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