Nikunj Modi nominated for Ehsaas People’s Choice Award in the category of Debutant Actor of the Year

Nikunj Modi nominated for People’s Choice Awards

The Gujarati Film actor Nikunj  Modi, recently nominated for GIFA Best Debutant  Actor of the Year 2020, is now nominated by EHSAAS People’s Choice Awards 2020 for Debutant Actor of the year. Starting his career as a dancer and a choreographer, Nikunj joined the film and television industry as an assistant direction. He assisted for serials like Balveer and Suri and also acted for TV. His first film ‘Kaik Kar Ne Yaar’ realeased in 2016 was his virgin experience as an ‘Executive Producer’.

He credits his hard work for his performance. He also feels gratitude towards his parents for their blessings on him and his fans who nominated him for this award. Nikunj feels that the industry is dynamic and also that there are many skilled and talented actors present. He also has learnt martial arts and dancing comes as an additional skill that he has.

A still from Safalta 0 km

He considers Hrithik Roshan, the Greek God of Bollywood as his idol and inspiration for venturing into the industry. Also he adores him for the excellent dancing skills that he has. He hopes to meet his idol as an actor soon, and also hopes to perform in front of him.

His dream roles are to play Captain Jack Sparrow, in the much popular Pirates of the Carribean  as he highly adores Jhonny Depp, and  the role of legendary actor Sanjeev Kumar in Naya Din Nayi Raat.

Nikunj Modi with Dharmesh sir in Safalta 0 km

His journey as an actor has been a long journey of three and a half years, and according to the actor he had a fantastic journey filming the films, Safalta 0km and Bol Gandhi Bol. Apart from having passion about acting, Nikunj has an equal passion for dance which he still pursues at his home town, by going to a dance academy. People were earlier reluctant to talk to him, seeing his passion for dance and drama, but after his success he got more recognition and respect from his home state.

The debutant actor is also known for his jovial nature on sets with a very good sense of humor. The actor also feels that aspiring actors shouldn’t pursue wrong paths for the sake of fame in the industry. He also feels that parent’s blessings would always be a boost for the artist. He wishes that people in the community know him through his acting methods and versatility.

You can vote for Nikunj on the following link:

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2 thoughts on “Nikunj Modi nominated for Ehsaas People’s Choice Award in the category of Debutant Actor of the Year

  1. Very nice acting. Very hardworking .I am sure that you will get the award.All the best for future.My best wishes always with you.


  2. He is the future of the Gujarati File Industry. Very good acting skill and hard working.
    I wish Nikunj Modi win the trophy. Encouraging real & rare talent.


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