In the Mood of Love

If being gay is a choice, then when did you decide to become straight?

The film aims to show that love is based on emotion and has nothing to do with ‘gender’. It revolves around the LGBTQ community and the people belonging from this community, living in India. For the longest time, Homosexuality was considered a taboo, which didn’t allow the people from this community to express their desire for the same sex gender, openly. Until the country saw a historic move, when the Supreme court of India decriminalized section 377.

The film aims to show different perspectives of people from different walks of life within this community who came up and talked about their life.

The film starts with a male student activist, and taking a stand for a high post in college politics and him facing the odds. He mentions that how important it is to have a support from the students, because it is them, who will be taking the wheels of the future ahead, and with openness and acceptance to a thing like supporting same sex love, will promote awareness amongst the people in the society that it is no wrong. He talks about the pride walks conducted by the students, and feels good about it that, the people from LGBTQ community are accepted and now can express their emotions openly when compared with the previous situations.

Similarly, various other people share and talk about how they meet the love of their life and how good it feels to be accepted as they are. And in the end of the film, a transgender individual comes and speaks about his acceptance being a teacher from his students. He said that, he was overwhelmed when his students introduced him as a teacher to their parents, as he was acknowledged as he wants to be.

“Being a gay is not a crime and it is not a sin. Stop using God to justify your prejudice. Religion is about loving one another. Let’s stop for looking for an excuse to hate.”

You can avail this Documentary Film at You tube.

By Rajrita Chattopadhyay

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