Diljit Dosanjh plays the role of Chadta who is an unmarried man eagerly wanting to marry. Many people have rejected to give their daughter to Chadta. The whole village teases him and not a single lady would even talk to him.

Since he is a pre-wedding photographer he goes to shoot for the one, where he meets Vanjhali and it was love at first sight for him. Vanjhali(the wedding planner)is also unmarried and is 3 yrs older than Chadta, he tells her that he is not a man of old thoughts according to which, a man should be older than the lady in marriage. Vanjhali refuses to be his wife as she does not like this institution of marriage. Since Vanjhali liked his work, she offers him another deal for a pre wedding shoot in Rajasthan. He agreed for that and went ahead.

During that wedding, Chadta tells Vanjhali to give him a chance and pretend to be his wife until the wedding is over, and he will try his best to impress her. But the plan didn’t do as planned by Chadta as on the last day Vanjhali told him that she is still against the institute of marriage and gave her own reasons for that. Chadta also agreed to that and decides to be single forever. After some time Chadta goes for a pre-wedding shoot and finds out that Vanjhali is the bride and she is getting married to Bagh Singh. Chadta didn’t like this and tries to convince Vanjhali to not marry that guy but she didn’t agree. He then targeted Bagh Singh and tries to discourage him for the wedding, by stating about their relationship during the Rajasthan wedding. Hearing this Bagh Singh ends his marriage with Vanjhali. Vanjhali’s family decided to get Chadta and Vanjhali married to save the family name but Chadta pretends to be uninterested. On the wedding day, Vanjhali runs away thinking that Chadta does not really want to marry her. Chadta goes to find her and on his way to Shimla, he finds her eating at a roadside Dhaba. Both of them confessed their feelings at the end.

Written and directed by Jagdeep Sindu, Shadaa is a family watch comedy film. The director successfully brings the story from paper to screen without any faults.

The already hit Jodi of Nirru Bajwa and Diljit Dosanjh brings magic on screen. Their chemistry is great. Diljit Dosanjh as Chadta brings energy in the film and delivers his dialogue in an impressive way filled with expression. His character is funny, emotional, sarcastic and jovial.

The supporting cast of the film also gave good performances especially the ones who played Chadta’s parents. Their silent love story in between the film provided an extra value.

The film had some really good punch lines. Diljit’s monologue in front of the villagers was also great.

The album of the film consists of good songs with contemporary lyrics like in “Shadaa” and “Expensive”.

The imagination scenes of Chadta was also a good idea which was executed well.

This is a great comedy entertainer filled with laughter. You can surely watch the film with your whole family as it has something for everyone.

By – Preeti Dalal


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