Mr and Mrs 420

Its a Punjabi comedy film released on 14 March 2014 directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary, written by Smeep Kang and produced by Rupaali Gupta. It also has a sequel ‘Mr and Mrs 420 returns’ which was released in 2018.

Deputy who wants to be an actor like Dharmendra has to settle by playing Surpanakha (Ramayan) in local plays at village level because of the lack of opportunity and access. His friend Jass is unemployed and in love with Laadi who gives him only 1 month time to find a decent job, then only she can marry him. Therefore both Deputy and Jass decided to move to the city to fulfil their dreams but because lack of money they went to their common friend  Palli to give them shelter. Palli works on a poultry farm and in love with Raano (a School teacher). He is unable to find them shelter as he himself sleeps in the poultry farm, so all 3 of them decided to go to Palli’s friend Babbu who is an aspiring singer and in search of a job as a music teacher. All of them decided to stay at Babbu place where he lives on rent and since they were not able to afford rent they decided to come after the owner sleeps in the night and go before the owner wakes up in the morning. But their drama could not sustain much and their landlord threw them out. So their search for a house begins and since, all of them were unmarried and had a low budget for rent they had to lie about their marriage to the new landlord Subedar. Baabu became Pinki and Deputy became Nirru. They found out that the landlord’s niece- Jasmeet is Babbu’s colleague at the music classes, so they had to lie that Babbu was actual her(Pinki’s) twin brother, and both the siblings didn’t like each other. The landlord falls in love with Nirru who is actually a man and tries to come closer to her/him. A lot more challenges come in front of the 4 friends and each time they escaped out of the situation by making up a new story.

Everything comes to an end at Raano’s engagement with some other man. Jass took Pinki to the wedding in order to break it claiming her to be his sister and the Raano’s fiancee as her husband. They did all this drama since their friend Palli was deeply in love with Ranno. On the other hand, Deputy enters there as Jabji also claiming to be the wife of the Ranno’s fiancee. Their landlord Subedar was also present at the wedding who started claiming that Jabji was actually Nirru. Lots of questions arose and a lot of confusion was created. But the story ended with everyone agreeing for Raano and Palli’s wedding.

When it comes to critically analysing the film I would say that the storyline was too over and unrealistic at times, but movies are not always made to sound realistic and that is why they have a story which is based on one person’s thoughts and ideas. We need to be easy with the world at times and accept things in positive ways.

The on-screen drama, confusion and mess lead it to be a good comedy movie. The storyline is like any other Bollywood comedy film with a long list of cast and situational comedy. Example of Bollywood films like these could be Dhol, Dhamaal, and Golmaal- fun unlimited.

Jassi Gill, Binnu Dhillon, Babbal Rai, Yuvraj Hans and Jaswinder Bhalla gave considerable good performances and had great comedy timing throughout the film.

The film shows how even small budget films can also manage to entertain you and give you a nice time. This is a light-hearted film made to just make you laugh. The film succeeds to engage you throughout with continuous twists and turns in the story.

You should give it a chance and you will surely have a good time.

By-Preeti Dalal

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