Jawaani Jaaneman

Jawani Jaaneman is a story of a 40yr old Jazz, who is happily single and enjoying his life to the fullest until he gets to know that he has a 21yr old daughter.

Jass/Jaswinder is a real estate dealer and thinks that marriage can steal one’s independence and happiness forever. He enjoys his life by partying hard and hooking up with girls half of his age. Once while partying in a club he comes across Tia and takes her home assuming that she is also one of those girls with whom he used to hook up, but shockingly Tia claims that there are 33.33% chances that Jazz is her father. Jazz is shocked with this and is not ready to accept it, and prays that after a DNA test the result will be against what Tia claims. But the reports proved that Tia is his daughter and she is also pregnant with the child of her boyfriend with whom her relations are not good currently.

Since Tia was staying at his place, her presence was a hindrance between him and his independence, therefore he asked her to find her own place. So Tia found an apartment in the same society in a house just opposite to her father’s house, and she was able to see Jazz from her window and vice versa…

Jazz started growing affection for his daughter and asked her to come back. A lot more happens in the lives of the 2 in the period of 9 months after which Tia delivers a baby girl. The story ends on a happy note.

Honestly when I saw the trailer I didn’t like the concept and idea behind the film very much, but still give it a chance since I had trust in Saif Ali khan and his choice of movies, but when I saw the film my opinion changed as I had a great time watching it and totally loved the film. Its because of the treatment of its concept by the director Nitin kakkar and writer Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal . The angle provided to the story is interesting and humorous and therefore it doesn’t seemed offending and unacceptable at any point of time.

What you see in the trailer is literally the jist of the film as the whole film is much more then that. The father daughter duo brings magic on-screen and steals the show. The pace of the film in the first half is very good but it decreases in the second half. The balance of humour, laugh and emotion is just right.

Saif Ali khan owns the role as Jazz and prove that he is a master of playing these kinds of urban centred roles even now. His performance as Jazz who works in the day and parties in night and doesn’t take tension about life other things is on point.

Alaya as Tia also delivers a promising performance as an innocent girl who wants to meet her father and experience the father-daughter relationship which she missed. She is an independent girl having a bad love life and wanting love and support of his dad.

Tabu as Tia’s hippie mother cracks the role perfectly although, her screen time was very less and her character didn’t have much of an impact on the storyline. Kumud Mishra, Kubbra Sait, Chunky Pandey and Kamlesh Gill also played their roles fairly well and added to the film.

The song Ole Ole in the starting of the film brought a lot of energy and the songs “Bandhu tu Mera” and “Mere Baabula” complimented the emotional value of the story.

Dialogues like- Sher hu mai Sher ..aur sher tab tak Jungle ka raja hota hai jab tak akela rehta hai, Family na aadmi ko Chomu bana deti hai (Saif) , Mard apni poori zindagi mardangi ki baatein karte hai.. par pregnancy sunte hi jaise namard ban jaate hai – defined each character well.

The film is a light-hearted Comedy Drama movie with a very contemporary take on the story. All the 2hr 10mns of the film are worth watching.

By- Preeti Dalal


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