person s hands covered with blood
Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 on Pexels.com

She woke up with a little consciousness that morning…Eyes swollen , mouth dry ,throat sore, her arms couldn’t move,and legs as though paralyzed .Suddenly her lower abdominal area started to ache severely ,as if someone has pierced a sharp knife and twisted it inside her badly to scrap all her delicate inner organs without killing her ….And with a slightest movement of her limp body, blood started flowing .All her pajamas were soaked in blood within few seconds ,as if someone squeezed her body and ripped it apart..For a moment she lost her consciousness , everything just turned out black.She gave a small but weak glance at the window, with the morning sun beaming in, as though mocking at her for the night that passed… The night that ran chills through her skin. From the window pane ,came in a brisk gust of wind ,bringing up a little consciousness ,as though reminding her of the ordeal the night brought..she closed her eyes for a moment..she could hear her heartbeats only for now.. and suddenly opened them screaming, reminiscing the night .Her heartbeat suddenly increasing, her whole body trembling..And tears started flowing down her eyes ……Not in her thought could she imagine she would be the one facing it….more than her body it was her heart that ached.the pain was such, as if someone just throbbed a rod in her chest and the sudden blow stopped her heart beat…YES. She was RAPED. And who was responsible?

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