And the tears mocked at the laughter.

“I’m getting married. I promise ,to be with you whenever you need me.”
And the call ends. Not even waiting for her response.
She calls back…. but….as it say.. ” busy.. ” ever and forever………..

Her tears counted the stars that night…the moon dint shine as it used to do… Even the darkest of the darkest hour gave up. The walls of her house witnessed her screams as she sobbed ,the only thing they could help was to finite her painful screams within them, not her pain. Even the winds got moist that night, The rays of sun that kill the darkness could not wipe the gloom off her eyes, the empty space could not look back into her constantly staring wide eyes…
His words started to echo in her ears……depicting her the flashback….
“ I love and forever….will you marry me..?!!”
dint knew when their friendship turned into a marriage proposal..she just flew…with the flow…which he narrated…
His happiness tuned her laughter, his pain became her tears, his success became her celebration, his failure depressed her, he became her day and his dreams became her night. Her every wish started with him, and ended for him….he was……..her she said…she dressed for her, she smiled for her, she faded her glow to brighten his light….they may call it madness..but for her it was her dedication for him..Her love was like an ocean which soothed him, dissolved his every pain, caressed him, refreshed him without any limits…seamless..such was the ocean, even the farthest horizons envied….

“ I will leave the entire world for you, but never let you go..!”
“you were my biggest mistake…I lost everything to it..even my own self”
And both of them laughed…..her tears laughed too….

She gained a bit of a consciousness, but not her senses…feebly went to the kitchen and picked up the blade….and…ruptured her veins……and … ……All she could hear were knocks at the door..but slowly and gradually that too muted away.. everything started to fade away slowly in an infinite darkness…and dominant silence…….

She woke up in a hospital ..

“Life choose me”

In the balcony of a café facing the seashore,offcoarse his favourite…..she sits on the table which faces the sea without any distractions wearing a roundneck casual T shirt ,hanging loosely around her and light blue denim shorts he never allowed her to wear ..the raysof the sun kissing her legs..the breeze carrases her face and plays with her long strighht hair left open which he always made her to tie them up .…the waiter brings a double espresso she liked but dint have as he disliked..

She takes a sip ..and suddenly hears a familiar laughter…..

Yes.. It was HIM.Not ALONE.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

As she stares at him with moist eyes…he gives her a quick glance ,gets back to his girl ..maybe feeling a bit uncomfortable….concious…but then carefree..
She gets up confidently walks towards him ..gracefully…he gets up too…..unrepentant….glorious ..
She extends her hand and as he does it to ….her eyes still moist…

she smiles says “ Thankyou you for making me love myself so much”

Shaking hands with him… she walks back to her table again gracefully and starts to devour the moments again..

He is still standing………………..all colours of his face lost………………………..and his mouth open……
The tears mocked the laughter…….

“You are nothing without me,and
never will you find someone better..”
he said
“I love you now and forever”
says she in front of the mirror..

BY:Vijaytaa Chauhan

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