Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

From what I’ve tasted of desire

 I hold with those who favor fire.

But if it had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate

To know that for destruction ice

  Is also great,

 And would suffice.

                                                                                                                -Robert Frost


  As the dark period retreated, her sensuality got extreme. She longed……for an external aura, which could calm her rapid pulse, such that, the music of her breathe required lyrics. The lyrics pampered, played, consoled her wet rosy lips, so receptive that even a small peck could make them swell. Her loosely hanging strands, covering her blushing red face, needed an affectionate caress.

 Mirror succumbed to lengthy intimate conversations with her, often the silent one. Maybe because the greater truth has great silence, just like of the silent dark waters of the deep ocean, which shelters immense secrets of the entire world, without the slightest sign of revelation, yet the ocean maintains a charismatic composure. Often she woke up at night when the noises slept, and the desires were at their strongest play. This silence of the desire was insomniac. The mirror glanced at her with a sinister libido. First, it looked into her eyes, passionately, deeply, with a stroke of innocence. The gaze was such that, it made her feel naked in all her clothes, yet she felt an ambient admiration. It made her uncomfortable. Yet she sensed a welcoming intimacy. She could feel the intense rush of blood to her cheeks. Her heartbeats could be heard distinctly. Then the mirror quickly 

fixed its eyes on her soft tender lips which were wet, yet thirsty, shut till now but just opened a bit to let a silent but enormous warm breath 

escape. She could experience the heat of the wind exhaled; sensationally burning. Then it looked back into her eyes, which wore a bit shyness but expressed liberating strength, courage and, a mysterious desire. She could feel the sudden expansion of the pupils in her emerald green iris, just like the fiery sun in the afternoon sky. She was thrilled. Her breath was elevating and retarding in a rhythmic tune .the eyes of the mirror darted all over her. She could feel her flesh piercing through her. An enigmatic, voracious strain churned her entire body, which caused electric stresses jolting through every vein and artery and arousing her entire physique, just like the heavy electric currents would. Strong electromagnetic fields constantly radiated from her, which attracted everything towards her; as the blooming rose, which allures and excites even the most minute particle. These electromagnetic fields vigorously concentrated somewhere inside her…..Her aura got more and more mesmerizing day by day. She could feel every color of the paintings she made, and her every stroke reflected tantalizing feminism. Mysterious emotions hovered her senses, which were beyond her intellect. She could only feel them…couldn’t understand them, and maybe couldn’t express them verbally. This was the tragedy. But something she strongly predicted. That there awaited a savage exploration. She craved….. “But for what?”


………………….to be continued


  1. One of those post on the website which is very badly written. I personally feel that this particular writer sits with Google and frames this because a lot of words have been used only to show her vocab which actually sucks. Too many grammar errors. I read other blogs on the website and this is one of the bottom 5 ones.

  2. Wait. What!? After reading some good movie reviews I end up reading this! My eyes are bleeding seeing the language and brains fusing while trying to understand what’s written. It’s on a theatre and film’s page…….”But for what?”
    I read it……..”But for what?”
    Also, mirror reflects who you are, so if mirror poses insecurities and concerns, ain’t it a part of you.

  3. Excellent title. That’s the only thing that is good about the blog. Very poor thoughts and even poorer writing.

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