“If I wish to compose ,write or pray, or preach well,I must be angry.Then all the blood in my vein is stirred,then my understanding is sharpened”

– Martin Luther king, Jr.

Blood  wasn’t so excruciatingly dreadful for her. Neither was the emotional anguish that followed.The first discharge of blood   from her fragile body, at the tender age of 13 unnerved her, of her   delicate senses, which , up till now were virgin to the ferociously dark shadow of the dazzling fairy tale world. During those dark days her entire body strained as if her muscles and organs were churned with sharp blades, every vein and artery stretching ,twisting ,expanding and contracting with vicious constraint  as if pulling out  her every breathe vigorously, expelling out an agonizing screech; just like the one, when a doll is squeezed harshly. Her mind was a fierce battlefield with constantly and rapidly changing the scenes instantaneously and furiously. Often unpredictable. Sometimes the air of the field was full of rage, and exasperating violence with a despicable temperament, with the sounds of the swords clanging and combating for the wind in lungs. Blood erupting at every sight, with the masses of muscles of the dead flying in the air; with the heart wrenching screams of the souls about to embrace silence . The rage was elevated to such an extent that she could even murder a Nagga brutally .The sky shedding enormous flames and fire balls. Such a panorama can even provoke a saint to pick a sword and commit ruthless felony with an intensified blood thirstiness. Suddenly, the blood metamorphosed   into beautiful roses, aesthetically blooming with dazzling brilliance. The pieces of muscles flying in the air, deciphered into large winged multicolored butterflies,  of pink, yellow ,peach, blue, golden with wonderful dendrites and vividly spaced spots. The sound of the sword metal turned into a melodious chirping of lovebirds…the cool breeze kissed and pampered everything that crossed its way.. .. The ambiance could convince the most maleficent slayer drop his fury. Bewitching!! And then. Violent Volcanoes erupted everywhere. Dragons started hovering the dark Smokey sky..musicians playing wonderful orchestra, colors flying everywhere, children laughing at the merry-go-round, mines exploding .the cool ocean waves kissing the beach horrifying monstrous child.  Playful innocent laughter. Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!    The mise-en-scene !

The Blood …..Was her greatest strength .Adding an essence of feminism and an orifice which was to produce diverse spectrum emotions. It made her sense the senses   which were silenced  by the darkest silences of the universe. She. Was to Complete the Universe. But then, isn’t completeness ,a hypothetical  term? Well then lets call it diversity. And it’s the diversity where life flourishes. She was the Diversity.

to be continued….


  1. Amazing website and blogs I found on here but after reading this I have only one thing to say. Another disappointment! While I started reading, I thought it must be great content but again a bad piece of writing. Your other blogs of movie reviews and even some other on life are good but the quality of the content in the category ‘life’ needs to be looked upon. All the best to the team. Just an honest opinion otherwise really liked your website.

  2. Dear writer,

    I came across this blog while going through the website. One of the best things is that you touched this topic. Though the writing needs to be improved and content needs to be more thoughtful, the emotions are expressed. You seem more comfortable writing in your mother tongue or local language. Though you seem an amateur writer in the team, you may turn out to be a good writer in the future. As a woman, I’m happy to see somebody touch this part but equally disappointed to read the content. Maybe in the future, you’ll write better.

    Your Loyal Reader

    A tip: Follow the structure like the other blogs and take help from your senior / mentor in the organisation.

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