“बैठक”- The weekend specialty of Aniradichita Theatre and Films, had a gala session on the Sunday evening of 24th October. The concept of baithak is not only unique for the theatre and art enthusiasts of Vadodara it also gives a platform for showcasing the young, the talented lot who like to perform in front an audience !

As exciting as it sounds, Aniradichita also holds a conversation delight for the participants. The theatre enthusiasts from all over Vadodara came and participated with great interest and enthusiasm.

The young team of Aniradichita (Team 2.0) held a beautiful show which included musical performances by Bhargav Rathod, Kishan Suthar and Sharvar Kothiwala. The musical performances were performed at keyboard and guitar. Vocals were given by Kishan Suthar. The songs that were performed were Gulabi Ankhein jo teri dekhi, give me sunshine (special dedication to artists in the house) and Kaise batayein kyun tujhko chahein.

The audience was mesmerized by the performances, and applauded the artists ! It was a soulful performance.
This was followed by monologue performances by Aditi Prajapati and Samarth Shrimali.

Samarth’s monologue was directed by Bhargav Parmar, and was taken from a play called “Adhe Adhure” written by Shri Rakesh Mohan. The monologue talked about the feelings of an actor while performing at the stage, and what an actor goes through before and after the performance on stage. It was a engaging performance and it was very well received by the audience.
The second performance by Aditi Prajapati was also directed by Bhargav Parmar and Associate Directed by Ishan Mistry. The genre was comedy, she played a college brat who entertains the college with her extrovert appeal and knock it down attitude. Her performance was entertaining and keep the audience hooked on to their seats.
After such enthralling performances, the participants enjoyed a short session of music with the artists.

It was an enigmatic and enthralling weekend for team Aniradichita, and the young team sure looks promising. The youth is the strength for future, and for Aniradichita it surely looks bright !

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